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About The Founder - Venkata Konidala...

About The Founder - Venkata Konidala...

Venkata Konidala, founder of Kampaigns, has quickly become the go-to authority in the areas of High Ticket Marketing, Digital Publishing, Live Events & Seminars, Email Marketing, Sales Funnels, Webinars and Online Marketing.

Venkata has been involved with Internet Marketing for over 6 years now and currently runs YouTube traffic for some of the Industries biggest names as well as his own. He launched Kampaigns and partnered with some of the experts, as a way to give back to people that are currently in the same position he was once in years ago. Not knowing what they should be doing or which direction to take.

His proven systems, formulas have enabled him to launch various products and services. He is now on a mission to set you free from major struggles faced by many marketers on the Internet.


Jill Veverka from California

Working with Venkata has been a fabulous experience and he has done a great job. He has given me an amazing amount of information and has helped me implement these. Right now, I’m starting to get results and very excited to take it to the next level! I’ve learned more from him than any other mentor.

Russell Herbert from the United States

Venkata has gone into detail on the strategies and tactics he has developed over years of doing internet marketing. This guy gets results. He taught me how to get sales and results and it’s beginning to explode.

Eon Jon from New Jersey

We have scaled our business up and it’s booming! I want to give a shout out to an extremely talented man: Venkata. This guy is my mentor and has taught me things I didn’t know about internet marketing. He’s an internet marketing master! This guy generates sales and leads like it’s second nature.

Tony Ashbolt from London

I would wholeheartedly stand by Venkata and say absolutely that this guy delivers. There’s almost always a sale coming in from him. Every single day during the month of August, which was supposed to be a quiet time of the year!

  •  Your information is 100% secure and will never be shared with anyone