If you wanted to get started online and build a profitable business that does at least $10k per month or more, then keep reading.

“Ven, how do I get started?"

So instead, of answering this question individually, I created this cheat sheet.

I will teach you how to create your very own traffic conversion system that will work for you bringing in money while you sleep!

It takes a bit of effort to build and optimize these systems properly.

But trust me, once you get them working, you can use them to rapidly scale your business and start earning passive income all day, every day.

I have kept this exclusively for the Insider's Academy I run, but I’m revealing this to you right now…

My clients have made $3k, $5k, $10k and more from this simple system consistently per month.

What I do is simple, repeatable and scalable which, is why so many of my clients end up quitting their 9-5 job and focusing on this full time.

If you are willing to put in the effort to learn this, you too can build a wildly successful online business.

So let’s get started and take a look at what you need to do to create  $10K PER MONTH  business.

STEP 1 : Choose A Highly Profitable Niche

Most people say that you have to build a business around your passion. But in reality, this comes much later in the game.

When you’re first starting out, this is BAD advice.

What you need to focus on is a consistent way to be bringing money INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS so that you would be able to fund your passion.

The world doesn’t care about you.

It cares about is what it wants.

It only starts caring about you when you start giving it what it wants, or if you’re worth paying attention to. But you’re just starting out, right?

They’ll soon come once you start making money, don’t worry…

If you want to succeed in making money online, you need to find a niche:

  • Where people have a problem.
  • Where people are looking for solutions for their problems.
  • Where people are willing to pay GOOD MONEY for their problems.

Some sites you can research for this are:

  • Google Trends - See what’s currently trending with this tool.
  • Facebook Insights - Facebook audience insights will give you a glimpse on how many people are actually in the niche you’re considering getting into.
  • Amazon - Here you can see top products that are selling and see the patterns.
  • Google Keyword Planner - You can research various keywords within an industry to see how many searches per month they get. The higher the number, the more in demand that niche could be.

Generally speaking, on the internet, the following niches are proven to be very lucrative:

  • Health.
  • Make Money Online
  • Fitness
  • Investing
  • Dating

STEP 2 : Choose A Highly ProDUCT TO PROMOTE

Look for these three criteria when it comes to choosing what products to promote:

  1. 1
    Quality. It must deliver massive value to the marketplace.
  2. 2
    Demand.  It must have a demand, people in the marketplace must want your product.
  3. 3
    Profitability.  It must be bankable, it must offer you enough money to make it worth your time promoting.

There are several ways you can find products to promote:

Google – Search for products in your niche to promote and strike up a deal with the product owner.

Affiliate Networks – There are many affiliate programs out there which you can join to promote various products.

Some of the famous affiliate programs are:

STEP 3 Build A High Converting Sales Funnel

Wait, what’s a sales funnel?

It’s simply a series of steps designed to turn a website visitor into a customer.

Here are the components of a sales funnel:

Lead Magnet - It’s a valuable piece of content that you give away in exchange for email addresses. A lead magnet could be a report or cheat sheet or video training or webinar. The goal of a lead magnet is to pre-sell and educate your prospects so that they would be inclined to buy your product.

Lead Capture Page - It’s the page where you promoted your Lead Magnet. Remember, the goal is to build your email list of subscribers.

Sales Page - It’s the page where you sell your product or service. If you are promoting an affiliate product, this is the page where the affiliate product is sold.

Email  Follow  Up  - Series of emails that  you  send  to your email subscribers  so as  to educate,  pre-sell  and  persuade  them  into  visiting  your  sales  page  and  buying  your product (Consistent emails are proven to build trust and get a lot of sales over time.)

Now let’s take a look at how to put together a basic Funnel:

1.  Create Your Website.

You need to have your own website in order to promote products.

2. Get An Autoresponder Account.

An  autoresponder  helps  you  build  your  email  list  of  subscribers.  You  create  email campaigns  and start  nurturing  your  list.  You  can  get  an  autoresponder  account  using services  like  Aweber, GetResponse,  Klaviyo,  or  go  for  a  more  premium  service  like Infusionsoft. Next step is to link your autoresponder with your lead capture page, when people enter their email info it should go into your address book.

3. Get a funnel creation software.

You need some kind of tool to be able to create funnel pages like capture pages, sales pages, etc. The best  tools  I  recommend  for  building  funnels  is  ClickFunnels  and  Leadpages.  (I personally work with and prefer ClickFunnels although it’s a bit more expensive.)

You can simply point and click and setup your funnel within minutes. They even host your pages for you or you can choose to download the pages of your funnel from there and load it up in your site.


The   whole   purpose   of   emailing   your   list   is   to   educate,   entertain   and   more importantly…TO SELL.

Emails should provide value, but more importantly, they have to sell at the same time.

There are 2 types of emails that you can send to your list:

1.  Follow up emails are pre-written emails that are designed to go out on certain days. You can set it up so that when a subscriber joins your email list, he will get 1 email per day for 10 days starting from the day he joined your list.

2.  Broadcast emails are sent to your entire list at once and ideally you send one every day. The more you email your list, the better relationship you can build and the more sales you can make. So give lots of value, share stories, focus on different angles in each  email  and  soon  you  will  start  seeing  your subscribers  bonding  with  you  and buying more from you.


Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. You need to be getting clicks.

Focus  on  getting  targeted  traffic  to  your  capture  pages  so  that  you  can  build  a responsive list, and grow your business.

Here’s a quick list of the traffic sources that you can use:

Search Ads (Google, YouTube, Bing Ads) – this is great to put you in front of people who are actively looking for solutions to their problems. Search based traffic has some of the highest conversion rates.

Social Media Ads (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Ads) – this is great for reaching out to communities who are passionate about a certain topic and lifestyle marketing can be leveraged. This is where social media ads can be very powerful.

Email Newsletter Ads (Solo Ads) – this is great for reaching out to people who said yes to  receiving emails  on  a  certain  subject.  They  opted  in,  and  want  to  hear  about  that certain subject! You can find newsletters in any niche, and strike up a deal with the owner to send out a promotional email to their list promoting your products.

Banner Ads – this is great for reaching out to visitors of a particular website which would be  interested in  your  product/service.  You  can  contact  different  websites  to  place banners on them or you can use the Google Display Network to place your banners on thousands of websites in your niche.

Content Marketing (Blogging, SEO, Article Marketing) – this is great for reaching out to people who are seeking information. Content marketing is the future because you can educate your reader before asking them to join your list. The conversion rate here is very good. A traffic hack is paying for traffic. It usually takes months or years to build up your site, but in this case, you can start seeing the visitors pour in almost immediately.


No matter how good you are at generating traffic or building funnels, things will almost never work out at the start.

It’s very important to test campaigns and see what works. For example:

If you are not getting traffic from networks like Facebook or YouTube, you need to start testing different ads to see which works for you and your niche.

If  you  are  getting  traffic  but  not  getting  leads,  then  you  need  to  test  out  different  lead capture pages.

If you are getting leads but no one is buying from you, then you need to see if there is a demand for your offer. If so, then test your sales page and follow up emails.

And the list goes on.

Every aspect of your business from traffic campaigns, to funnels, to pricing, and so forth need to be tested and optimized.

Consistent Traffic = Massive Profits

How can you track this?

With tools like Visual Website Optimizer, Conversion, Fly, Link Trackr, Etc.


It’s time to start taking webinars seriously.

Find out what your customers and potential customers want to learn, then deliver beyond their expectations. Speak to those on the frontlines: your customer support team, community manager or, better yet, your customers.

For best conversion results, keep the topic tied to your product or offering.

That way, when inspired attendees leave your webinar to carry out the advice they were given, your solution is the first one they’ll think of.

Webinars  are  extremely  powerful  for  drawing  in  and  keeping  in  touch  with  prospects. They showcase your brand’s expertise in your industry and give your company a human voice, literally.

No other medium can produce as many sales overnight as a webinar can.

Every  webinar  I  do  helps  me  pull  an  easy  $20,000+  in  revenues.  Some  of  my best webinars have helped me make several hundred thousand dollars.

In order, to deliver content that they would want to connect with, focus on offering them genuine value.

Address  the  challenges  and  issues  that  your  audience  faces  and  provide  them with advice that's actionable.

A good webinar should have the following:

  • A  great  offer  that  people  would  want  to  get  hold  of  the  presentation  you’re  giving because it provides massive value.
  • A convincing pitch where you make them ASK YOU how to buy your product/service.
  • A Q&A Portion where you answer their questions, clarify doubts and get them to take action.

Following all these steps, you will be able to connect with your audience and get them to buy from you FASTER than ever.

The best part about webinars is that you can also use them to successfully promote high ticket products/services ($2K+ price point). I regularly use webinars to promote $2K-$10K+ offers and they do great. So start doing webinars.

Once you get good at it, your results will shoot up exponentially.

If  you actually follow this cheat  sheet and do what  it says, you will be on your way to earning great amounts of money online.

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I truly appreciate you and wish to make this year, your best year ever.

See you at the top,

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